Core Strengthening Exercises–The Squat Chop

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Flex your knees slightly.
Clasp your hands and raise them straight up above your head, elbows slightly bent.
Lower to a squat as if you were sitting down into a chair (squat) while bringing your arms straight out in front of you (chop).
Squat as deeply as you’re able, watch that your shoulders do not drop forward.
Stand up from the squat while raising your hands back up above your head.
Aim for 3-4 reps of 10 to 15 daily.
Once you’ve mastered the basic movement, add a weight between your hands.

Strengthen Your Core

Strengthening your core muscles helps out with every day, ordinary activities as well as organized sports. The stronger your core, the better you’ll feel after exertion. If you experience stiffness or soreness, a good neuromuscular massage will have you feeling better in no time.

Raking Leaves is Great Exercise

Raking leaves is a perfect opportunity to get outside during the nice fall weather and get a little exercise.

Raking leaves is a moderate physical activity that can build upper-body and core strength.

Before you begin, a good warmup is in order. Raking uses nearly all the muscles in your body–arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and back.

Take a short walk about the yard, do a few arm circles, and stretch your legs and back.

Be sure to switch sides every now and again to prevent overuse injuries.

Don’t overfill the bags so that they become heavy to lift and move. Moving heavy bags can cause a strain on your back muscles.

If you’re stiff and sore after raking your leaves, a good neuromuscular massage may be just what you need before the next big wind leaves your yard full again.

Try to Average 10,000 Steps per Day

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and it doesn’t require any special equipment, just a willingness to get up and go.

If you haven’t walked in awhile, go until you feel the first signs of fatigue and turn around.
Go a bit farther each day afterward. If you can walk just everyday for 30 days, you will have developed a habit of walking.

A pedometer will measure the distance you walk and count the number of steps you take each day. Aim for 100 more tomorrow than you took today until you can regularly take 10,000 steps a day.


What Can Neuromuscular Massage Treat?

Excess tension in muscles causing pain.

Restricted blood flow which delays healing.

Restricted range of motion in the joints limiting activity.

Compression of structures upon nerves causing sharp pain.

Postural distortion caused by overuse of muscles on one side, and underuse on the other.

Referred pain where trigger points of high electrical activity sends pain to other areas of the body.

Staying Warm in a Cold Stadium Means Getting Some Exercise

If you’re going to be watching your favorite teams play this fall, keep warm by generating a little of your own heat.

First, plan for the game by wearing some water wicking undergarments. If you sweat and there is a breeze or the temperature drops during the game, you will want the water wicked away from your skin to help keep you warm.

Second, protect your extremities. Your body naturally will shunt the nice warm blood to your core, but your hands and feel may feel cold, so wear mittens not gloves or stick some warming packets into your pockets. Put a good pair of water-proof hiking boots on along with two layers of socks. Water-wicking thin socks next to your feet, and warmer thick socks on top.

Third, put on something more substantial than a baseball cap. A good balaclava will keep your head and neck warm.

Fourth, move around during the game. Flex your muscles. Do some isometric exercises. Squeeze your buns. Press your hands together. Lift yourself off of the bleacher seats. Every time you exercise, your muscles generate heat to keep you warm throughout the game.

If you’re stiff and sore after sitting through a long game, a good neuromuscular massage may be just what you need to work the kinks out.


Warm Ups for Summer Sports

Before you get ready for a softball game or round of golf, warm up with a little light jogging or jumping jacks to get the blood moving.

Swing your arms while you jog, varying the motion in big circles, small circles, over your head and crossing your arms in front of your chest.
Bring your knees up high while you jog to stretch your glutes.

Backscratcher Stretches Loosen Up the Shoulders
Move your hand behind your back toward the opposite shoulder. Try to touch the other hand coming up from below.
You may not be able to touch hands at first, but as you perform these stretches, your shoulders will loosen.

The Frankenstein Walk Loosens Up the Hamstrings
Kick your leg up high while reaching with the opposite hand. Do this back and forth four to six times to loosen the hamstrings.

Self-Hugs Loosen the Arms, Shoulders and Chest
Swing your arms wide, then across your body in a self-hug to help loosen the shoulder joints and stretch the muscles in the chest. Do this gently six to twelve times.

Arm Swings and Circles Loosen the Shoulders
Start with your arms outstretched and move your hands in small circles ten to twelve times, before enlarging the circles. Each time you enlarge the circle, move your arms in both directions ten to twelve times until you’re doing the largest circle you can comfortably do.

5 Ways to Exercise While Doing Housework

1. Do the rag drag while you’re cleaning floors. No need for a Swiffer if you have two good rags and two active feet.

2. Make big, exaggerated circles while cleaning windows, tubs or shower doors.

3. Do some calf raises while washing dishes.

4. Dance with the vacuum. What vacuum wouldn’t want to do a good cha-cha?

5. Carry the laundry down in more than one load. Better for your back, and you’re getting in some stair climbing.

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3 Easy Exercises for the Office

1. Brace yourself on the edge of your chair to build core muscle strength.

2. Take the stairs and do a couple of split squats on the last stair up.

3. Lift a full water bottle over your head and then behind your back while you talk on the phone.

The Mayo Clinic reports that people who fidget burn 350 calories a day more than people who don’t.

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4 Secrets from the Fittest Bodybuilders

1. Instead of cutting out carbs all together, cycle your carbs by eating more carbs on your heavy workout days, and very few carbs on your rest and recovery day.

2. Never skip breakfast. High protein oatmeal takes 3 minutes to make and 3 minutes to eat. No excuses to skip the most important meal of the day.

3. High protein eggs are a fantastic snack that boost your metabolism and suppress hunger.

4. If you want to accelerate your fat loss, reduce starches and sugar, but don’t reduce proteins or non-starchy vegetables. You need protein to feed muscle.

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