Mark is a miracle worker!  I have constant neck pain and tight muscles and every time Mark works on those areas, I get immediate relief.  So if you want to be pain free—definitely make an appointment to see Mark—you will feel so much better.

Vicki Trumbo, Lafayette, CO

Oh man! Mark is awesome! He really helped me get over a very, very painful tendenitis that I had been struggling with for a long time. I highly recommend Mark for any therapeutic message.

Robin M., Lafayette, CO

Mark knows how to use massage to help with muscles that are needing to be rehabilitated. Mark helped me after my knee surgery. He can help you too!

Margot, W., Lafayette, CO

Aches and pains, no more! Mark knows where to go to release your tight muscles and alleviate your pain. This is truly a therapeutic massage.

Lori L., Erie, CO

Mark has a special gift! He is great at getting tight muscles to release. If I have a headache he can effectively get my tight muscles to relax and abort the headache.

Lisa A., Lafayette, CO

I’ve been suffering with plantar fasciitis for a couple of months now, and Mark has fixed my foot! And he’s done a tremendous job to relieve the pain in my hands from overuse at the computer. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a repetitive injury. His skills are fantastic!

Dina C., Niwot, CO

Mark is truly a miracle worker!  When I couldn’t move my neck, he worked on my muscles and I got immediate relief.  When I developed tendonitis, he again made things much better.  Now I see him on a routine basis just to keep everything functioning!  I’ve referred many people to Mark and they all swear by the work he does.

Vicki T., Lafayette, CO

Having suffered a knee injury requiring surgery, Mark treated my knee and increased the range of motion to almost normal, with minimal pain.  His work on my daughter’s back has allowed her to continue playing soccer pain free.  I appreciate Mark’s incredible skills and compassionate about his work along with his great sense of humor.

Pat V., Lafayette, CO

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