We Accept Insurance

We Accept Insurance

We accept insurance payments from some of the major insurance carriers in the state of Colorado.

In order for us to bill your insurance, in most cases, you must be pre-approved. Call your insurance agent, or talk to the benefits representative at your office to find out if massage therapy is a covered benefit. In some cases, you can call the insurance carrier directly. We’ve provided phone numbers and website links below.

If you have a Medicare Part B plan, you may also be covered. We have the names of each company’s Medicare Part B plan listed below the company name.

In most cases, coverage includes deep tissue massage and acupressure for pain in the following areas: neck, back, legs, shoulder, wrists, hands, arms, ankles, and feet.

We’re also willing to become a preferred provider for your insurance company if you’ll let us know it’s not on the list.


Landmark Healthcare – a Division of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado
www.landmarkhealthcare.com, Authorization. 800-832-7850

www.aetna.com (look under claims and coverage), 800-872-3862
(Aetna Medicare Select Plan)

www.kaiserpermanente.org, (look under member assistance)
(Senior Advantage Core, Senior Advantage Gold, Senior Advantage Silver)
Kaiser makes it very difficult to find phone numbers unless you sign in as a member.

We’re working on become providers for the following companies:

US Health
www.ushealthgroup.com (look under member services), 800-221-9039

United Health Care
www.uhc.com (look under your plan type)
United Health Care makes it difficult to find a phone number unless you’re logged in
(United Healthcare Dual Complete)

www.humana.com (look under your plan type) 800-833-6917
(Humana Gold Plus, Humana Choice)

Celtic Insurance Company
www.celtic-net.com, 800-779-7870

Rocky Mountain Health Care Options
www.rmbp.org, 800-453-2981

Time Insurance – Assurant Health
www.assuranthealth.com, 800-800-1212

Pacificare of Colorado
www.uhc.com, 877-632-4195
(AARP Medicare Complete SecureHorizons)

After January 1, 2014

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