Shoveling Snow can be Dangerous

With the recent snow falls, it’s a good reminder that snow shoveling can cause injuries.

Lower back strain is the most common injury caused by snow shoveling, but falling and being hit by a shovel is another significant risk for cuts or broken bones. Kids are 15 times more likely to suffer injuries from being hit with a snow shovel than adults.
Overworking muscles in the hands and arms is another common result of snow shoveling.

If you suffer an injury as a result of shoveling snow, a good neuromuscular massage will help you lessen the pain and regain your range of motion in time for the next snow fall.

Healthy Feet Prevent Other Injury

As you age, keeping your feet healthy can improve your mobility and balance, and reduce your risk of falling.

Examine your feet often for injury or sores.

Buy shoes that have extra depth to accommodate insoles or custom orthotics.

Avoid tight socks or nylons that do not give the feet room to breathe and to move freely.
A good neuromuscular massage will help your feet stay healthy.

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Diabetes-Related Foot Injuries

Diabetes is often the cause of loss of sensation in the feet which means you may not feel it when your foot is cut, is injured, or becomes infected.

People with diabetes need to check their feet often to make sure there is no injury or infection.

A good neuromuscular massage can help bring blood flow into the feet which will help with healing if there is injury, and to prevent tissue damage from diabetes.

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Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation in the ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot from the heel to the base of the toes.

Stretching exercises will help relieve the pain, but a good neuromuscular massage should eliminate it.

Many people report immediate relief of their plantar fasciitis with a targeted massage, while others require several massages before the pain is completely relieved.

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Unfortunately, genetics is probably to blame if you have a bony bulge at the base of your big toe.
Poorly-fitting shoes will aggravate bunions, but they are rarely the cause of them.
Toe spacers and inserts won’t fix a bunion, but they may relieve the pain and foot cramps.
A good neuromuscular massage will go a long way to relieving the pain and cramps.
Surgery should be a last resort.
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Your Feet are the Foundations of your Body

When your feet hurt, it can affect muscles, bones, joints and nerves causing knee pain, back pain and even headaches.
Eight out of ten people report pain from their footwear, and most of that is related to poor footwear, not just poorly-fitting footwear.
Even though your flip-flops are the most comfortable shoe you own, it may be the cause of foot pain because flip-flops lack support.
If you are experiencing foot pain, a good neuromuscular massage will help increase your mobility and reduce the pain.
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An Ankle Exercise to Strengthen Your Knee

Sit on a chair and stretch your leg out in front of you.

Use your foot as a pencil and pretend to write.

Your knee depends upon your ankle strength, so the more you can strengthen your ankles, the better.

Neuromuscular massage can help you maintain your range of motion and eliminate pain.