Muscle Strain is the Most Common Cause of Back Pain

Muscle strain from twisting, overuse or poor posture is the most common cause of back pain, especially lower back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, neuromuscular massage is a recommended therapy to help ease pain and restore movement.

There are Times when You Must Consult a Doctor for Back Pain

There are a few instances in which consulting a doctor for back pain is absolutely necessary, including: sudden, severe pain without a history of falls or other trauma, weak or numb legs, or a loss of bladder or bowel control. These are all indications of something more serious than simple back pain.

Massage may be Better for Your Back than Surgery

Often back pain is treated like a mechanic fixing a broken part. Studies are finding that regaining strength will not only speed recovery and lessen pain, but prevent future episodes of back pain. Neuromuscular massage is better at relieving pain, helping people regain mobility and regain strength than more conventional surgical methods, and without the side effects.

Witch Hazel Soothes Sunburns

If you get a sunburn, apply witch hazel to the burned area. Witch hazel is a solution made with an extract from the leaves, twig and bark of the Hamamelis plant, that has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that are soothing and cooling to sunburned skin.