Skiers Thumb is a Common Injury if You use Poles while You Ski

If you fall with your ski pole in hand, you may hyperextend your thumb causing a sprain. There are thumb stabilizers available to wear underneath gloves that will help protect the thumb’s ligaments without restricting range of motion.

If you injure your thumb, massage can greatly help to reduce the pain around the area, and to regain flexibility in your thumb joints. If there is a sprain and no complete ligament tear or fracture, massage can begin as soon as any swelling subsides.

Fly Fishermen (and Women) Do You Have Pain in Your Thumb?

Inflammation of the tendon that runs down the forearm, through the wrist to the thumb is common because of the way fly fishing gear is used.

Neuromuscular massage can help loosen the over-used muscles that trap the tendons and nerves within a small space causing the pain.

Before you cast again, put your thumb pain to rest.

Do Your Kids Have Texters Thumb?

If your kids spend hours each day texting their friends, they may complain of pain in their hands or thumbs.

This is caused from unnatural motion when using the thumbs to text, and tightening of the muscles in the hands to hold the phone.

Neuromuscular massage can relieve the pain in their thumbs and hands.

What Can Neuromuscular Massage Treat?

Excess tension in muscles causing pain.

Restricted blood flow which delays healing.

Restricted range of motion in the joints limiting activity.

Compression of structures upon nerves causing sharp pain.

Postural distortion caused by overuse of muscles on one side, and underuse on the other.

Referred pain where trigger points of high electrical activity sends pain to other areas of the body.