Cautions of Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling can be an intense workout, especially if you’re not used to doing it. The combination of stress on the heart and the cold temperatures can lead to a heart attack. If you’re not in shape, shovel a little at a time, then go in and relax and warm up before shoveling more. If you have sore muscles after shoveling, come in for a good neuromuscular massage.


Dealing with Frozen Shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder, causes severe pain and limited mobility. It’s more common in women than in men, and the cause is unknown.

It responds well to cortisone shots, stretching exercises, and massage.

Neuromuscular massage can help to maintain your range of motion and ease the pain of a frozen shoulder.


Bursitis in Your Shoulder

Bursitis is the result of the tiny fluic sacs around the should joints and rotator cuff tendons become inflamed and swollen from repetitive action.

Should bursitis responds well to pain relief and massage.

Neuromuscular massage can help to maintain your range of motion and ease the pain of shoulder bursitis.


Arthritis in Your Shoulder

Arthritis is not as common in shoulders as it is in knees or hands, but it can cause pain with everyday activities such as driving.

Another problem with shoulder arthritis is that people tend to self-splint when where is pain which can result in loss of range of motion due to the constant tightening of the muscles used to splint against the pain.

Neuromuscular massage can help to maintain your range of motion and ease the pain of shoulder arthritis.


Shoulder pain

The shoulder is a complex joint that allows us to move our arms in a multitude of ways which is also why it is so easy to injure. One of the most common injuries to the shoulder is a rotator cuff injury or tear. The rotator cuff consists of 4 muscles and tendons that come from the scapula (shoulder blade) and attach around the head of the humerus (long arm bone). A tear may require surgery, but overuse can often cause pain that can be relieved with a good neuromuscular massage.

Stretching Mistakes

We should be stretching to stay limber and flexible, but if we stretch in a way that overstresses muscles or tendons, we can cause strains or even sprains while stretching.
Not all injuries come as a result of a single, bad stretch, either. Repetitive stretching that’s improperly done can cause injury over time.
Ideally, we should not wait until an injury occurs to begin stretching to relieve the pain or regain mobility. We should stretch every day.
As we age, we begin to lose flexibility and range of motion, especially in the shoulders and low back, which can then lead to other mobility issues.
Fortunately, age-related loss of flexibility can be reversed with a daily stretching program.


Heavy, Spring Snow and Your Health

Heavy, spring snow can present a challenge to your health if you need to shovel your walks and driveway. The strain of shoveling in these conditions can lead to exhaustion or worse.

Take it easy. Don’t try to fill the shovel completely before moving the snow. Use an ergonomic shovel to help move the snow to the edges of the driveway instead of trying to lift and throw the snow. If you feel chest pain or shortness of breath. Stop. If the symptoms continue, call 911.

If you injure your back or if you feel stiff and sore after shoveling, a good neuromuscular massage can have you feeling better quickly.

Tennis Requires Core Strength

tennis-player-healthTennis uses most of your core muscles, and puts particular strain on your elbows and shoulders. A good stretch before and after you play will help keep you from injury. If you’re still stiff and sore, come in for a good neuromuscular massage. ‪#‎MarktheSpotMassage‬

Stretching benefits Your Golf Game

GolfSwingIf you’re planning to hit the links this summer, keeping your back, shoulders and hips in good shape will mean fewer stiff mornings afterward. Stretching regularly will help. If you find yourself stiff and sore after those first few rounds of golf, come on in. A good neuromuscular massage will relieve pain and restore range of motion.