Warm Ups for Summer Sports

Before you get ready for a softball game or round of golf, warm up with a little light jogging or jumping jacks to get the blood moving.

Swing your arms while you jog, varying the motion in big circles, small circles, over your head and crossing your arms in front of your chest.
Bring your knees up high while you jog to stretch your glutes.

Backscratcher Stretches Loosen Up the Shoulders
Move your hand behind your back toward the opposite shoulder. Try to touch the other hand coming up from below.
You may not be able to touch hands at first, but as you perform these stretches, your shoulders will loosen.

The Frankenstein Walk Loosens Up the Hamstrings
Kick your leg up high while reaching with the opposite hand. Do this back and forth four to six times to loosen the hamstrings.

Self-Hugs Loosen the Arms, Shoulders and Chest
Swing your arms wide, then across your body in a self-hug to help loosen the shoulder joints and stretch the muscles in the chest. Do this gently six to twelve times.

Arm Swings and Circles Loosen the Shoulders
Start with your arms outstretched and move your hands in small circles ten to twelve times, before enlarging the circles. Each time you enlarge the circle, move your arms in both directions ten to twelve times until you’re doing the largest circle you can comfortably do.

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