Staying Warm in a Cold Stadium Means Getting Some Exercise

If you’re going to be watching your favorite teams play this fall, keep warm by generating a little of your own heat.

First, plan for the game by wearing some water wicking undergarments. If you sweat and there is a breeze or the temperature drops during the game, you will want the water wicked away from your skin to help keep you warm.

Second, protect your extremities. Your body naturally will shunt the nice warm blood to your core, but your hands and feel may feel cold, so wear mittens not gloves or stick some warming packets into your pockets. Put a good pair of water-proof hiking boots on along with two layers of socks. Water-wicking thin socks next to your feet, and warmer thick socks on top.

Third, put on something more substantial than a baseball cap. A good balaclava will keep your head and neck warm.

Fourth, move around during the game. Flex your muscles. Do some isometric exercises. Squeeze your buns. Press your hands together. Lift yourself off of the bleacher seats. Every time you exercise, your muscles generate heat to keep you warm throughout the game.

If you’re stiff and sore after sitting through a long game, a good neuromuscular massage may be just what you need to work the kinks out.


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