Elbow Stretch

Here’s an elbow stretching exercise that can help those of you who play sports or work where you must repeat motion that injures or stiffens your elbows–carpenters, golfers, tennis players.

Doing this exercise before you work or play, and once again afterward, will help.

Neuromuscular massage can help you maintain your range of motion and eliminate pain.



Stretching benefits Your Golf Game

GolfSwingIf you’re planning to hit the links this summer, keeping your back, shoulders and hips in good shape will mean fewer stiff mornings afterward. Stretching regularly will help. If you find yourself stiff and sore after those first few rounds of golf, come on in. A good neuromuscular massage will relieve pain and restore range of motion.

Lateral Epicondylitis also Known as Tennis Elbow

Just below your elbow, the muscles in the back of your forearm converge into the common extensor tendon.

That point, can be aggravated by sports such as tennis, but also by computer use or extended time gripping a pen.

A similar condition exists for golfers called medial epicondylitis.

Often, tennis or golf elbow goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as carpel tunnel syndrome until the pain is significant.

Fortunately, the quickest path to relief in most cases is a qualified massage therapist who knows how to find and treat the trigger point causing the pain.


Common Trigger Point #8 — Tennis Elbow and Wrist Pain

The trigger point lies just below the elbow at a place where most of the muscles on your forearm converge. When this area is tight, you could experience pain anywhere from the elbow to the hand.

Anyone who uses a keyboard, but particularly clerks who scan objects across a scanner, are susceptible to this injury. Fortunately, neuromuscular massage techniques can fix the problem and ease the pain.