Common Trigger Point #12 — Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, and a whole host of upper arm and even upper chest complaints may be caused by small trigger points around and underneath the shoulder blade.

Not only can texters suffer from texter’s thumb, they can also develop pain in the shoulders because of the position of the hands while texting on a small device. A neuromuscular massage therapist can ease this pain.


Do You Have Pain in Your Shoulder Blade?

There are many causes for shoulder blade pain, including activities that make the muscles in the chest tight. When that happens, the muscles in the back lengthen as a result.

Either way, neuromuscular massage can relieve the pain by allowing the muscles to regain their natural posture.

1. Sleeping on the same side every night.
2. Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder or the other.
3. Sitting at the computer with your arms outstretched can tighten the muscles in the chest.
4. Holding a small child with the same arm, or resting on the same hip.
5. Overworking your pecs at the gym.

If you have been doing any of these repetitive activities and are feeling pain around your shoulder blade, schedule an appointment.