Common Trigger Point #11 — Upper Back Pain

Pain in the upper back can be caused by a bunch of little trigger points scattered from the base of the neck, down the spine and out along the shoulder blades.

Anyone who drives a vehicle with a big wheel such as a truck, or people who do data entry can suffer from upper back pain due to injury to the muscles of the neck and shoulder.

Neuromuscular massage can ease the pain of these repetitive injuries.


Common Trigger Point #1 — Neck Pain

There is a triangular region on the side of the neck in the scalene muscles that, when tight, can cause a range of symptoms from pain along the scapula, in the neck, in the upper chest or even in the shoulders through the arm and down to the hands.

Even more confusing is the connection of these muscles to TMJ, hoarseness or a feeling of having a lump in the throat.

Nurses, hair dressers, chefs, and people who sit at computers are all susceptible to pain caused by trigger point # 1. Neuromuscular massage can relieve the cause of the pain.


Massage Can Lessen the Pain of Whiplash Injuries

Car accidents are the most common cause of neck sprains, commonly called whiplash injuries. Although neck fracture must be ruled out first, massage is one of the most effective ways to lessen the pain of the immediate injury and prevent the injury from becoming a chronic neck problem.

In addition to the major muscles of the neck, whiplash injuries can also cause injury to the muscles at the base of the skull, out along the tops and sides of the shoulder, and down the back along the shoulder blade.
Massage will lessen the stiffness of a neck injury initially. Once the superficial muscles are relaxed and blood flow is restored to the area, massage can help reduce any compression or adhesions to the deeper muscles which will lessen pain and restore mobility to the neck.