Common Trigger Point #5 — Leg or Knee Pain

The lateral part of the leg contains a dominant muscle group that can be responsible for stiffness and fatigue in the upper leg but can also be a cause of “runner’s knee.”

Other people who may experience problems with trigger point #5 are bicyclists and horseback riders. A neuromuscular massage can relieve the pain associated with trigger point #5.


If You Run or Bike and Have Knee Pain …

If you have pain on the outside of your knee and you run or bike, you could have iliotibial band syndrome or IT Band Syndrom for short. It is caused by overuse and is common in athletes who run or bike long distances. Most of the time, it manifests as pain at the outside of the knee, but the problem could be anywhere along the IT Band which runs from the hip to the knee. Neuromuscular massage can get to the root of the problem, thereby relieving the pain.