Use an Ancient Japanese Technique (Jin Shin Jyutsu) to Reduce Stress

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a method of allowing energy flow by holding each finger.
Hold each thumb with the opposite hand for a minute or so to reduce worry.
Hold each index finger to reduce fear.
Hold each middle finger to reduce anger or rage.
Hold each ring finger to address grief or sadness.
Hold each pinky finger to increase joy.
Reducing stress is good for your overall wellness, and these are easy techniques you can use anywhere.

Don’t Let the Holidays be the Season of Stress

If you’re caught in traffic, find a new radio station with happy, relaxing music. Don’t spend your time worrying about how long it’s taking you to get from place to place, or let your mind fill with an ever increasing list of things that must be done during the holiday season.

Relax your face. When you relax your face, your whole body relaxes. Bust out a big smile! It will ease the tension in your shoulders, neck and back.

Smiling also distracts your mind and releases natural painkiling endorphins along with seratonin, one of the mood-elevating hormones.


Dealing with Stress Around The Holidays

Get Some Fresh Air. Research indicates that a boost in Vitamin D from the sunlight may increase your levels of seratonin, giving you a more relaxed feeling. And deep breathing increases oxygen in your tissues which is always helpful.

Try Not to Alter Your Sleep Schedule. Even if you have to cook, and clean and shop, get to bed on time. A lack of sleep can increase your stress levels.

Get Some Exercise. Exercise will help you maintain your energy and your sleep cycle. This isn’t the time for an entirely new exercise regime, just do something fun 20-30 minutes per day.

Come In for a Good Neuromuscular Massage. Nothing can relieve muscle tension and stress the way good body work can.