Slip and Fall Prevention Should Be Top-of-Mind in Winter

Snow, freezing rain and ice make surfaces difficult to navigate and increase the risk of falls along with associated injuries such as fractures, sprains, strains and head injuries.

If you’re on a slippery surface, take short steps and walk slowly.

Try to establish three points of contact such as a rail or other stable structure as you walk.

Avoid carrying anything in your hands while on a slippery surface as you need your hands free for balance.

If you do take a fall, a good neuromuscular massage will help relieve your aches and pains.



A Fall from a Ladder can Ruin Your Holiday

If you’re going to hang your own holiday lights or decorations out of doors, then be aware of how many people fall from ladders in the pursuit of a little holiday cheer.

If you’re going to climb a ladder, check your ladder before you use it. If there are bent or broken rungs, replace the ladder before you climb.

Don’t climb a ladder alone. Have someone nearby who can steady the ladder while you climb.

Don’t let your kids or a helper climb the ladder with you. Believe it or not, having more than one person on a ladder is a common cause of falls from ladders.