Balance Training Helps Prevent Falls

Make balance training a habit. Choose a routine chore such as washing dishes or brushing your teeth, and do it standing on one foot. Any motion you have while on one foot will help train your balance. Lift your right foot on even days and the left foot on odd days.



Slip and Fall Prevention Should Be Top-of-Mind in Winter

Snow, freezing rain and ice make surfaces difficult to navigate and increase the risk of falls along with associated injuries such as fractures, sprains, strains and head injuries.

If you’re on a slippery surface, take short steps and walk slowly.

Try to establish three points of contact such as a rail or other stable structure as you walk.

Avoid carrying anything in your hands while on a slippery surface as you need your hands free for balance.

If you do take a fall, a good neuromuscular massage will help relieve your aches and pains.



Balance Exercises–Ball Hand Off

Ball Hand Offs helps you feel less self-conscious while walking, which in itself can be counterproductive or cause falls.
The more shuffled and fractured your gate becomes, the more likely a fall.
This exercise is not recommended if you need a cane or other assistance to walk.
You’ll need a partner who is comfortable walking backward and handling a small ball, such as a tennis ball.
Start at the end of a long hallway with your partner facing you a few feet in front.
Walk foward while your partner walks backward handing off the ball back and forth as you go.
Repeat three to four times.

Balance Boosting Exercises–Over the Shoulder Walks

Over-the-Shoulder Walks takes head turns one step further.
Once you’re comfortable with standing head turns, it’s time to walk as you look right and left.
Stand at the end of a long hallway, feet hip-width apart.
Turn your head to the right, maintaining that gaze as you walk forward three or four steps.
Then turn your head to the left, and take another three or four steps.
Turn your head slowly at first until you feel comfortable turning your head quickly.