Increasing Your Energy – Veggies

Dark green vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and spinach are loaded with folate, a B-complex vitamin that helps regulate mood. People who are happier, tend to be more energetic.



Exercise is the Most Effective Preventative Strategy to Fight Chronic Conditions

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia can all be made less devastating by getting your heart rate up.
Use a device to remind you to get up and stand or take a walk. Your smartphone has a timer, a fitness band will remind you of how many steps you took during the day. Use whatever means you need to break the cycle of sedentary behavior and get moving.
Exercise will help you be a healthier, stronger, and longer-surviving version of yourself.

Increasing Your Energy – Carbs

If you’re eating mostly low-glycemic foods to keep blood sugars level or to try to lose weight, about once or twice a week it’s OK to have a meal of fast-burning carbohydrates such as pasta, white potatoes or white rice. One thing that the occasional high-carb meal will do is boost your energy, but also will help your body to avoid a slowing metabolism that comes along with eating a low-carb diet.