Natural Pain Relievers

Most people who experience pain will look for treatment to relieve it. Any drug or herb has the possibility of side effects, but over the counter pain management drugs are far more likely to cause side effects, drug interactions and dependency than are natural formulas.

On-going or chronic pain can be managed very well with neuromuscular massage, but between sessions, you may want to consider a natural pain reliever. Remember, however, that pain is the body’s way of indicating that something is wrong, so on-going pain or pain with unusual severity should be evaluated by a medical professional to determine if there is an underlying cause.

Bromelein for generalized pain and arthritis. Bromelein is found in pineapples and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessen pain.

Any supplement can interact with pharmaceutical prescriptions so you should consult your prescribing physician if you are taking medicines of any kind. #MarktheSpotMassage


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