Massage is Good for Parkinson’s Disease

Because massage increases blood flow to the tissues, and help to repair injury and restore range of motion, it has been used successfully with many different movement disorders.

Parkinsons is a neurological movement disorder that is characterized by tremors, muscle rigidity, akinesia (the temporary inability to move), dyskinesia (the inability to conduct specific voluntary movements at will) and loss of postural reflexes. One of the results of Parkinsons disease are increasing stiffness and tremors leading to muscle exhaustion similar to what athletes experience when training at full effort. The available oxygen in the muscle is insufficient for the work load demanded of them. Because Parkinsons Disease doesn’t offer the muscles a period of rest after use, massage can help to restore the blood flow, and therefore the oxygen available to those muscles. Although studies are ongoing, massage is also thought to be helpful in increasing distribution of the L-dopa drugs often used to treat Parkinsons.


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