The Difficulty with Treating Recurring Headaches

The biggest problem with treating ongoing headaches is getting a proper diagnosis.
There are more than 300 recognized causes for headaches, and just over half of the people who suffer severe headaches are properly diagnosed.

Many sinus headaches are really migraine headaches with underlying muscular causes that can treated with neuromuscular massage.

Some tension headaches are so severe that they’re misdiagnosed as migraines. Using migraine medicine won’t treat the underlying cause of these headaches, but neuromuscular massage will.

Many adults suffer from stress headaches that are the result of muscles in the back of the neck and scalp tightening which can be relieved by neuromuscular massage.

It is important to get a proper diagnosis for severe headaches to rule out any possibility of tumor or other life-threatening condition, but before you resort to a new regimen of drug therapies, consider seeing a neuromuscular massage therapist first.

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