Treat Shin Splints with Neuromuscular Massage

Shin splints is a catch-all term for pain in the lower leg. Shin splints often occur when you increase the amount of running or walking you’re doing by a measurable amount or if you’re trying to improve your time.  Shin splints can be caused by soft tissue injury to either the front of the shin or the back of the shin.  In some cases, because your calf muscle is so much stronger than the muscles that run along the front of your leg, there’s an imbalance that causes strain on the front, the shin.

Shin splints can also be caused from injury to a muscle underneath the big calf muscle. This is a more rare form of shin splints and the pain is often described as spreading from one area to another.

Neuromuscular massage techniques can help stretch and loosen the muscle and fascia causing the pain of shin splints.

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