Massage Can Help Avoid and Relieve Athletic Injuries

Massage is a great way to help athletes avoid injury as well as help create optimum performance during athletic events. You can incorporate massage into your regular workout regime before strenuous conditioning training just after a warm up. Massage can also help in the recovery phase of conditioning after the muscles have been pushed to their limits, while they rebuild and recover prior to the build-up phase of conditioning where the muscles adapt to new, higher demands.

Massage is especially beneficial after an injury where trigger points, or points of tension can be released allowing greater blood flow into the muscle helping with recovery. Rhythmic compression of muscle groups can soften the tissues which warms the body up to create deep blood flow within the muscle group. Friction techniques can broaden and stretch larger muscles groups and can also be used on connective tissue. Trigger point pressure can also reduce hypersensitivity, pain and muscle spasms which may prevent future injury by keeping you from favoring an injured muscle.

Massage will allow you to heal faster by improving circulation to the injured area, increase flexibility and range of motion which will help prevent the recurrence of injuries.

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