Common Trigger Point #3 — Foot Pain

Pain in the arch of the feet — plantar fasciitis — is the most common cause of foot pain. It can be relieved, often permanently, by finding the trigger points in the calf and in the arch of the foot.

Anyone who stands for long periods of time or works on their feet most of the day is susceptible to pain from trigger point #3 — dock workers, chefs, retail employees, cashiers, medical personnel and hair dressers.


Common Trigger Point #2 — Tension Headaches

The back of the skull has a network of muscles that when massaged, can relieve headaches.

One of the least recognized, but common causes of tension headaches are bifocal glasses that require the wearer to adjust the head to the glasses.

Fortunately, a qualified massage therapist can do much to relieve the pain caused by trigger point #2.


Common Trigger Point #1 — Neck Pain

There is a triangular region on the side of the neck in the scalene muscles that, when tight, can cause a range of symptoms from pain along the scapula, in the neck, in the upper chest or even in the shoulders through the arm and down to the hands.

Even more confusing is the connection of these muscles to TMJ, hoarseness or a feeling of having a lump in the throat.

Nurses, hair dressers, chefs, and people who sit at computers are all susceptible to pain caused by trigger point # 1. Neuromuscular massage can relieve the cause of the pain.


Trigger Points are Places of Pain

Trigger points, often called muscle knots, are a common cause of stubborn pain that are highly receptive to massage therapy.

Often, pain located in one place is caused by a tight muscle in another place. A good massage therapist knows how to diagnose and treat trigger points that are causing pain.