Natural Treatments for the Pain of Arthritis

The most debilitating part of having arthritis is the pain, and often the medicines prescribed to ease the pain have consequences as bad as the stiffness and loss of range of motion the pain of arthritis induces.

Movement is key to maintaining joint and muscle health. But how do you keep moving if the pain persists?

Yoga is one way to gently stretch and strengthen muscles while increasing the movement of synovial (lubricating) fluid through the joints. Yoga is like any other type of exercise, though, you may have to start with a gentle routine and practice it regularly to gain strength.

Balance method acupuncture is another effective method of relieving the pain of arthritis because it increases the flow of blood and oxygen into painful areas while helping the body to remove any inflammatory chemicals from the joints.

Neuromuscular massage is another beneficial treatment that does not involve the use of chemical pain relievers. Neuromuscular massage helps to restore muscle health, strength and flexibility which will increase the range of motion in the joints resulting in less pain.

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